Mike Bechler's Music Page

I been playing music, writing songs, and performing both solo, and with my partner, Geri McGilvray for over 30 years.

All the songs linked on this page are originals, written by Mike Bechler or co-written with Geri McGilvray.

We do play covers when we perform but I do not post them on these sites.

Mike and Geri playing in our living room. Photo by Richard Pasco.


Note: you can sample songs on Bandcamp and then purchase them if you choose.

Shame On You

Old Mr. Jones


Ordinary Day


Ride the Wind (album)


Ordinary Day

Old Mister Jones

Fourteen Sturdy Lumberjacks

Ordinary Means

The Devil and St Peter


Mike Bechler and Geri McGilvray singing "Grandpa Was a Sailor" at the Coho Cafe on the Stanford campus

Mike Bechler and Geri McGilvray singing four original songs on the main stage of the San Francisco Free Folk Festival, accompanied by Calvin Murasaki on violin.

A whole bunch of songs with Mike and Geri on youtube, posted by Rich Pasco

Jacksonville Tavern

Man with the Blues

Why Don't You Tell Me You're Leaving


I Wonder

Grandpa Was a Sailor

How Would I Know?

Dreamer's Waltz

The Treasure

What Are You Doing Right Now (c) Geri McGilvray

Shame on You Baby